Fairytale Tea


My ideal fairytale tea has china cups and saucers, a teapot and tablecloth.  All with leaf and floral accents, to bring nature indoors.  Of course, a fairytale tea in the garden is also nice!  When the weather cooperates, it’s a lovely alternative to tea by the fire.  Or in a bay window, looking out at the garden or the woods, beyond.

Fairytale teas should start with your favorite tea.  Herbal teas are a wonderful choice, but jasmine and black teas are also lovely.  Maybe English Breakfast or Earl Grey, if you prefer something more traditional.  But a lovely orange spice is probably my favorite.  With just a swirl of orange blossom honey, to bring out the orange flavor of the tea.

Of course, you can enjoy a nice cup of tea at any time of day or evening, but for a fairytale tea, some sandwiches or desserts are a lovely addition.  Cucumber, egg salad or basil and tomato are my favorite non-meat choices.  But chicken salad, even ham or other meats can be used.  Think about the effect of cutting off the crusts and having little triangle sandwiches…or cutting out circle or diamond shapes with a decorative cutter.

For dessert, raspberry or lemon tarts are always popular.  Cookies, or “biscuits,” are an easy and quick alternative, especially if you take advantage of the multitude of fancy cookies from different store brands.  And anything with a little chocolate is always a good choice.

Scones and crumpets are fun for a more traditional tea…and don’t forget the lemon curd, if you enjoy citrus.  Of course, orange curd is a little less tart and also very pleasant.

Whatever you decide, remember, this is a fairytale tea.  Have fun with it!  Whether it’s just you or a group of people, give the tea a little magic with edible flowers on sandwiches or fancy name cards.  (Think of all the fonts on your computer.)  And wear hats and gloves or all pastels, anything to make the tea seem a little removed from everyday life.  Enjoy! 🙂