Fairytale Rose & Herb Garden

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When you choose a rose for an herb garden, it should be lovely, as well as fragrant.  And if it sets large hips, for tonics and teas, it will be an even better choice.

Herb gardens are usually grown for four reasons…and they are potpourri, teas, medicines and cooking.  For a rose and herb garden, fragrance and beauty are usually the main goals and that would be for a potpourri or fragrance garden.

Think of all the lovely flowers and herbs that can be included in your garden.  Roses, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, mints (a category all their own), hyacinths, sages, sweet violets, sweet woodruff, phlox, white petunias, evening stock, well the list goes on and on.

My favorite herbs are lavender and then mints.  Specifically spearmint and pineapple mint.  The latter is absolutely amazing, especially after a bit of frost.  Mixed with sweet woodruff, it creates a scent that is lovely and difficult to describe.

An important thing to remember, not everyone interprets fragrances the same way.  This becomes very apparent, if you tour a rose garden with a friend.  Some people will rave over a rose another can barely detect, and vice versa.  So go to the nursery and test out your flowers and herbs (if possible) before you buy.  That way, you’ll know what you enjoy and what will work well in your area/garden zone.

Finally, don’t forget seating.  I say this all the time, but it cannot be stressed enough.  Fairytale gardens should surround us.  To really experience the magic of such a garden, it’s best to be right in the middle of it, or at least sitting on one edge.  And if you can include a little birdbath or fountain, even better.  Enjoy your rose and herb garden!