Fairytale Cottage Garden


Roses, herbs and perennials. Maybe a few annuals tucked in for added color. This is the beauty of a fairytale cottage garden!

To me, a fairytale cottage garden should include a climbing rose, growing over a doorway or arch.  And if possible, it should be a fragrant one!  Other vines will also make a nice addition, including clematis, honeysuckle and jasmine.  Find vines that will work well in your area and play nicely with others.  A vine that grows 30 feet in a summer, will likely want to grow over all your other plants 🙂

Shrub roses are the backbone of a cottage garden…along with butterfly bushes (or lilacs if you have the space) and other decorative and edible shrubs, even blueberries.  Add a mixture of perennials, such as phlox, daisies, peonies, bee balm, and anything else that you enjoy.  Fragrance is wonderful, but sometimes overwhelming.  So consider growing some lovely flowers without any scent, between the more fragrant choices.

Annuals are perfect for adding color and interest, especially when late spring and early summer blooms begin to fade.  Marigolds, cosmos, stock, zinnias, there are so many choices, so have fun looking.  I love color, especially pastels in the cottage garden, but white is a wonderful way to break up color…and it lights up the edges of a garden in the evening.  White petunias, shorter daisies or even white alyssum are all excellent choices.

And don’t forget bulbs.  We see them everywhere for sale in the fall, when we’ve had a lovely garden to enjoy all summer and don’t necessarily want to do more planting.  But the next spring, when we’ve had winter for too long and those first hyacinths, snowdrops and other bulbs start to bloom….we’ll be so glad we did!

Enjoy your fairytale cottage garden and create a magical space for you and those you love…