Welcome to Fairytale Gardens & Design




Fairytale Gardens & Design is for people, who find gardens magical….

Fairytale gardens are so wonderful because they can be anything you imagine.  If you love fairytales, why not design a garden that has those same elements? Roses climbing over arbors, magical herbs edging the paths, secret spaces and shady seating areas.

Whether you want an herb garden with roses, or a quiet woodland area with ferns, fairytale gardens are a perfect fit.  And these are not fairy gardens, with miniature designs.  These are full-sized fairytale gardens, for people to enjoy and use everyday.  Whether reading a book, having a cool drink, enjoying tea with a friend…or maybe even a little romance.

Imagine an evening garden, filled with climbing roses and scented herbs.  A soft breeze caresses your arm, and fragrance surrounds you.  As you sit looking up at the twilight, you reach for the hand of that special person next to you.

Have I given you some ideas?  Do you know what your fairytale garden is going to be?  Now, go create your own magical space.  And hopefully, live happily ever after…


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