Fairytales and Books


Fairytales are a wonderful form of storytelling.  There is action, adventure, magic, heroism, love, romance, honor, loyalty…well the list goes on and on.  And the villains are clearly defined.  They’ve usually betrayed their friends and family for power or money.

The lessons fairytales have to teach us are good ones.  Granted, the stories aren’t always politically correct in our own time, but the ideals are still relevant.  So, rather than try to pull our favorite stories into a pleasing 21st century version of themselves…why not write new ones?

That’s when I decided to write Robin & Jamie.

Action, adventure, magic and romance. An ancient curse has returned to the lands and Robin and Jamie must help a fractured group of heroes reunite. Only by working together can they solve an age-old prophecy to stop an evil sorceress and Lord of the North.


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