Fairytales and Flowers

lupines in our garden

Flowers play such an important part in many famous fairytales.  But what flower says fairytale style to you?  We’ve talked about roses, but what about daisies or delphiniums?  Do you think of a woodland garden or an English cottage garden, when you imagine your fairytale space?

For me, lupines are a wonderful fairytale flower.  They look at home in woodland or cottage gardens and the amazing variations of color (even on the same plant) look rather magical.  In the picture above, one plant has pink, blue-lavender and even a bloom with white on it.  Easy to believe fairies might have had a hand with that combination.

My favorite fairytale garden is a mixture of shrub roses, perennials, herbs, annuals, bulbs…everything mixed together.  And with a color theme and planting plan that makes it look magical and effortless.  It’s not, but if you do enough planning ahead of time, you can find plants that compliment each other, not only with colors, but bring in beneficial bugs, like the same amount of sun or shade…and the same amount of water.

At the end of the day, we all want a garden we can enjoy and relax in.  So don’t make it too complicated, but try to add some place to sit and enjoy your beautiful flowers.  We all love a good fairytale…so create the space that will bring you, your happily ever after.


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