Fairytales and Paths


Fairytales are often about journeys and adventure.  The hero or heroine leaves their home and courageously set off for the unknown…often faced with difficult, if not impossible, odds.  And the path is rarely direct or easy.  It is often a winding one, hiding what lies around the next bend.

Will the path lead to wealth? Romance?  Danger?  All of the above?  Many times the path will travel through the forest.  This is particularly challenging, for the trees block not only the view, but also light and even sounds.  A fairytale forest can be beautiful, but still dangerous. It’s not easy to set aside fear of the unknown and travel down a path you do not recognize…no matter how inviting it may seem.

What makes a fairytale character special is that they do this every time and we wait…holding our breath just a little, to see if they will succeed.  How many times do we hope that the hero arrives in time to stop the evil queen?  Or the children are not lost in the woods?  Or that the princess is not forced to marry the man she does not love?

So, the next time you see a path, consider carefully where it may lead.  It could be to adventure, wealth, or something more hazardous.  Or if you choose the right path…it may even take you to your happily ever after.



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