Fairytales and forests


Forests are one of my favorite fairytale places.  Trees grow all around you, making it difficult to see where you’re going or where you have been.  Light streams down through the branches, giving those shaded spaces under the trees even more mystery.  Eyes watch you as you walk down the path.  Do they belong to rabbits, a fox…or maybe something larger, like a deer or even a wolf?

Forests are beautiful, yet dangerous places.  And only the very brave or very foolish will go through a forest at night.  During the daytime, many famous storybook characters go into the forest to gather food, visit a loved one or travel to another town.  There are even those, who live in the forest.  And some of them keep bread crumbs with them…just in case.

But a forest is a living thing, constantly changing and growing.  Trees fall, new trees grow, animals migrate and paths are washed out in rainstorms.  It takes a knowledge of the woods, to successfully navigate such a place.  And an understanding of the ways of the forest, to successfully coexist with the many creatures that call it home.

So, the next time you walk along the trees, look past the branches into the shady areas underneath and beyond.  Stop and listen to the sounds of the forest and think about the brave fairytale characters, who ventured into such a place.  They may have looked for adventure, riches, love….or even escape from an Evil Queen.  But they took a chance and braved the forest.  And some even found their happily ever after.



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