Fairytales and magic


Fairytales use magic to make the impossible…possible.  There are evil Queens with magical powers, sorcerers, fairies, even magic beans.  So why is magic so necessary as part of the story?  Maybe because it turns an everyday item like beans, into a wonderful adventure.

Magic in the fairytale garden is just as important.  Think about arches that make the everyday path more inviting…and more mysterious.  Shaded by climbing roses, honeysuckle or other vines, it makes one wonder what might be hiding on the other side.

Fanciful flowers are another important part of the fairy garden.  Any flower that changes color is an amazing addition…and it’s not that difficult to find roses and other flowers that do just that.  Consider larger than normal flowers such as short sunflowers with big blooms.  Or go the other extreme and have tiny flowers that are just right for fairies.  Alyssum and thyme are both great choices.  And don’t forget the unusual flower, such as bee balm…which makes a very bold statement in any garden.

And while you’re adding all these textures and colors to the garden, you’ll also be bringing in hummingbirds, butterflies and other visitors.  Was that a hummingbird darting so quickly past the arch….or a butterfly flitting past the window…or was it possibly a fairy looking for a quiet place to take a nap?

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