Fairytales and Roses

July 2011 Garden pictures 006

Roses are the cornerstone of many fairytale gardens.  Climbing roses are a beautiful addition to any garden, but in a fairytale garden, roses are especially important.  A rose-covered arbor can create the entrance to the garden or provide a shady place to sit or share a cup of tea.

The beauty of a rose, as well as the fragrance, have made them a favorite in gardens for centuries. It’s only natural that such a lovely flower would find its way into many stories, including fairy tales.

Even some of the characters are named for roses, such as Briar Rose and Rose Red. Roses are also seen as magical, such as the rose in Beauty and the Beast…when the last petal falls, the prince will forever stay a Beast.

Apothecary gardens contained many magical herbs and flowers found in fairy tales and roses were the center of such a garden.  In a way roses really are magical, because they can make sick people well. Rose hips provide Vitamin C, which prevented diseases that were all too prevalent before citrus fruits found their way to much of Europe. So, if you are planning your fairytale garden, think about including a rose.  They are beautiful, fragrant and easy to grow, if you choose the right rose for your climate.  And healthy, too.  Remember, magic doesn’t have to be high maintenance…


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