Fairytales and opposites


What makes fairytales so wonderful?  The contrasts between black and white, right and wrong….even rustic and romantic.  If a fairytale has too much of one influence and not the other, the story doesn’t hold up.  Too good and it’s sugary.  Too dark and it’s a horror story.  There has to be that perfect balance to keep us entertained, on the edge of our seat, but still rooting for that happy ending.

The same is true in a fairytale garden.  Too much color and it becomes chaotic.  Too green and it’s a shady retreat, but not as interesting as a theme of silvers, white and a pale pink or blue.  In our garden, we are surrounded by pine trees, which form a beautiful, yet rustic backdrop.  So we decided to add several black iron arches and arbors…and a mix of cottage blooms.  Shrub roses and climbers are everywhere, as are a beautiful mix of perennial flowers, blooming shrubs and an amazing array of spring bulbs.

Without those pine trees, I think the garden might be too much!  But with the alpine backdrop of trees and mountains in the distance, the romantic blooms of so many flowers are unexpected, but exactly what a fairytale garden needs.


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